Three frienship killers you MUST AVOID!!

Friendship killers you must AVOID!!
Good friends are really hard to come by, and acquiring good friends is only half the battle. The other half is keeping them if you want to keep really good friends then you have to watch out for these friendship killers and I suggest you don’t do them too.
 Gossip: gossip is simply mischievous talk about the affairs of others, gossip separates close friends. A good friend will keep what he or she knows in confidence unless someone in authority needs to be notified for some reason whatsoever. REMEMBER someone you gossip with you will gossip about you with someone else.
 Selfishness: how can we expect to keep the company of others if we are only concerned about ourselves? If we act unselfishly we will encourage our friendships to grow.
 Our friends will make mistakes why? Because they are human! As our friends miss and then turn from their mistakes, we are to forgive them, because you are also capable of making a mistake too, so be careful of your words, be careful of you’re the friends you pick.
We may have friendships even now that you already know will be forever. Treasure those friendships. We only have a few like that.
Sometimes you have to move away or your friends move away, but remember: nothing can stop you from communicating these days.



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