Top three secrets to making new Friends

Three secrets to making new friends.
Everyone wants to be liked. People want friends, people want friends they could always call and say “let’s go to the movies” or “hey, I think there’s something wrong with me could you come over let’s talk”. And even if those who seem a little “stuck up” want to be friendly. So here are three secrets that will help you make new friends.
 Be friendly: it seems obvious, but many people get so focused on other things that they miss the people and possible relationships passing them by. Grab each opportunity to build new relationships by doing the small things that make it happen. Say “hello” introduce yourself or smile. Make the first effort by showing yourself friendly.
 Focus on others: people want to talk about things that really matter to them but if you spend hours talking about yourself alone or about your bad day to someone you just met, don’t be surprised if they start avoiding you. Make the effort to find out what they like and things that you have in common. In your moments of having a great conversation be a good listener too.
 Do kind things without looking for credit: the simple principle of sowing and reaping works in friendships too. If you begin to go out of your way to sow into the lives of people, you will begin to reap the kinds of friends that you want.
Remember when you choose your friends you are actually choosing your future, I have heard it and said it this way: it is good to have friends you can learn from. STOP and write a list of all your friends and beside their names write the good things you have learnt from them if there’s nothing then you should think twice about them. It is good to have friends who will challenge you and advice you in the right way. We can learn so much from others if we humble ourselves and wait on them and listen to them .find out in our next episode the three marks of a true friend.images1


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