Teens not Mothers’

I’m a teen, so what…truth is i’m happy i am,
But even at that
Some say i am beautiful (i agree)
they say I’m smart (well that’s me)
Others say I’m intelligent (got that from my dad)
they say I’m gorgeous (you need to see my mum)
others say I’m the future that i have the world to save (what an enormous responsibility )well, the good thing is I’m a teen and I’m not kidding around. I need an answer! why should i be given the role of a mother when i have better responsibilities?  It is not right for anyone to stop me from enjoying my teenage hood,
it is a time for me to learn how to build my capacity not to start training children.
We are the leaders of tomorrow and we should not let our future go down the drain.
When we are doggedly focused we will surpass the earth.
  Wisdom is profitable to   Direct.



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