Hey you….it’s been a long while yes..yes but hey I’m back to give you seven strong ingredients to makes a fab bio for you and people who will want to follow up and connect with people like you.
Your online reputation is your reputation and it better be good. The way you describe yourself, twitter has everything to do with how people perceive you online and how they should communicate with you. So how the heck does you does it right? In this post we will go over the 7 key ingredients of a powerful twitter Bio whether you’re a novice or a social media pro.
But before we start lets first take a look at challenges of creating a twitter Bio.
1. You only get 160 characters. That’s not a lot of room to tell the world how awesome you are.
2. If you are on twitter, your Bio will appear in search results when people search your name. E.g. when I Google “Christiana Ninma Angulu” ninmaspurplebook is listed first then my twitter. You can’t hide anything.
3. You are destined to be predictable, not outstanding, if you read a dozen twitter Bios you’ve read them all. They tend to be pretty predictable. Everyone loves hanging out or likes the Vampire diaries or is a fan of the Manchester or is cool and crazy. Try something different.
4. People will think you’re a fake. Business insider reports that 5%of users are fake. So if you exaggerate your bio people will loathe when they get to find out the real you. Especially if you still have an egg as your Avi (profile picture).
5. Even if you try to be funny, you might not be. Trust me I’ve seen some really hilarious twitter Bios some of us ain’th_102t quite gifted.
6. Being creative is tough. There is a pervasive belief that you must have a creative twitter Bio.
Being self-promoting is harder. I get that self-promoting is harder. And some people think it’s selfish but hey did you know that’s how some people get huge contracts? Some people may not like you regardless of how cute your bio is. So whether your facing critics or not you need a really good twitter Bio.
Challenges be gone! Now that Ive finished setting the table with all the challenges I am going to blend for you what an awesome description looks like for a sumptuous Bio.
1. Its accurate. Tell what you really do or are. You want to pitch your true identity on twitter. Accuracy is key here, people are interested in following because of what you actually do not what you think is clever.
2. Its exciting. Make It awesome and cool because It is. Twitter is a place to generate excitement and buzz. If you consider yourself boring, twitter is not the place to show it. Add some pizzazz to your Bio with an upbeat tone and optimistic verbiage.
3. Its targeted. Attract people like yourself. The people who follow you will do so because they have seen some level of commonalities. It doesn’t matter if your from different countries. Use specific words that describe someone In your role or occupation.
4. You can flatter. Tell about your accomplishments. Here we got the idea of self promotion. I like to think of twitter profile as a sort of modern day resume(Cv). You don’t have to go right out and say “I am very awesome”. The goal of a resume is to get hired and the goal of twitter is to get followed both resumes and bios can communicate a degree of accomplishment. What have you done?. The idea is your doing something of value.
5. Its humanizing. Prove that you’re a legit. Remember the millions of fake twitter profiles? Don’t be them. Along with a legitimate head shot as your profile picture. You should have an element of the real you in your Bio. The real you is what people want to follow. And you will stand out in a good way.
6. Its intriguing.invite people to follow you. What do people think when they read your profile.
7. Its connected. Use hash tags or links. Hash tags : if you are an SEO for example you can add #SEO to connect your mentions.
Ready to unleash some powerful twitter bio/ keep a few things in mind
You don’t have to fill 160 characters.
Be brief and concise
You don’t have to feel bad talking about yourself.
You don’t have to use descriptors you can use sentences.
What are some of your ideas to create a powerful twitter Bio lets talk about them in the comments.