Help me live a life worth living

Nillima was only thirteen years old when she started menstruating. Her father then couldn’t cope with the fact that she was fast growing and needed to spend more money to keep up with her needs as an adolescent. It came to the thought of Nillima’s father that giving her away would reduce the financial burden and also bring in some money for him. Abu, Nillima’s to be husband was a herdsman and had more money to take care of her, he thought. On this faithful day Nillima sat in her room and thought “I can’t take care of myself not to talk of taking full responsibility of a family of my own” just then her mother barged in to break the news to her that her husband has come to take her to her away. Nillima went with the man her hoping she would be able to fulfill the life she had always dreamt of by going to school as Abu had promised. As Nillima comply with her father’s wish she never knew that was the beginning of her miserable life.
Nillima’s husband wasn’t faithful to her despite the fact she gave him all he wanted. Three years after marriage Nillima contacted the deadly disease HIV and because of the poor awareness she had it resulted to AIDS. After she found out her husband threw her out of the house claiming she couldn’t keep up as a wife. Nillima didn’t have any other place to go to, her parents were dead. Nillima then retired to the streets were she had to beg to earn a living. In most places so many young girls are being deprived of their future they are never given the best of opportunities to make their own decisions they have always dreamt.
Such is the story of many girls in Nigeria, 17% of girls under the age of 15 are already married while 39% of young girls under age of 18 are married. This further confirms the dilemma of young girls’ limited access to education. When the rights of girls are protected, it will help reduce their risk of violence, early pregnancies, HIV infection and maternal death. When we are able to stay in school and avoid being married early we can build a foundation for a better life for ourselves and our families and contribute to the progress of our nation.
Support a girl child attain a meaningful future, we are counting on you!!!


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