I just found the best youth friendly center


Last week my friend told about the changes she noticed in her body her mum wouldn’t tell her why she had those little changes she came over to my house and I told her to go to a youth friendly service center but she bluntly refused I was so shocked and asked her why, she told me that the service providers are not friendly people and that after the first time she went there she swore she won’t go there anymore.

Common guys our youth friendly services shouldn’t be so disastrous that a young girl would bluntly refuse to go a youth friendly service it should be a place where young people feel comfortable and enjoy going without any fear. A youth friendly service should be full of fun and also educative programs. It was noticed that most of service providers do not have an appropriate and acceptable attitude towards youth who visit youth friendly services. Just recently I attended a meeting in the minimum package for youth friendly services and how we the youth want a youth friendly health service should look like.

We included that fun and games should be used as a bait to attract the youth, good and well mannered of the service providers, well maintained waiting rooms. Standard operating protocols (SOP) to maintain a good ambience for young people – including a clean spacious waiting area, potable drinking water, clean toilets and educational material are in place. Young people feel comfortable when they visit health facility and find the surroundings and procedures appealing and acceptable. There can be youth friendly services in Nigeria without the involvement of youth in the design, protocols and management of a youth friendly center and also identifying the vital role of Women


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