5 ways to keep a healthy body

Every New Year and month people analyze their lives and make new resolutions. And they start out very well, but somehow as days go by they soon abandon their resolutions and slip into their old ways. One of the most common resolution is to be healthier, exercise more, eat better and keep fit or lose weight. Well here are some tips to improve your health. It’s going to be easier than you thought.
1. DRINK MORE WATER: your body needs water; you need water to keep your body balanced. Some headaches, sore muscles, joint pains, digestive problems, dry and flaky skins etc. are caused by dehydration. So drink some water. Don’t wait until you feel thirsty. Keep your day hydrated all day.
2. GO TO SLEEP: sleep regulates the release of hormones, it slows the aging process, it boosts immunity, improves brain function and helps reduce stress hormones. So, it’s quite amazing when people skimp out on a good sleep daily.
3. MOVE MORE: so what if you don’t have a gym membership, don’t let that be an excuse. Start where you are and build up. Try moving more, walk more, commit yourself to a 10 minutes of exclusive exercise each morning. 10 mins is not too much to give yourself, its just 0.7% of your day. Get a workout DVD, a personal trainer or just go online.
4. MAKE ONE MEAL A DAY COMPLETELY NATURAL: you are required to eat three square meals a day, make one of those meals completely natural. By that I mean fruits and vegetables nothing cooked, nothing processed or artificial, just lovely fruits and vegetables. They provide you with more nutrients than the majority of foods we eat daily.
5. LAUGH MORE: Laughing not only reduce your stress hormones it also provides you with a good abdominal workout, that is why when you laugh really hard sometimes your abs hurt. So laugh more and stress less.
And with that I conclude my tips for you. It’s so simple right? Try and stick with it and take it one day at a time.
Live healthy. Live happy.

healthy body


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