Help I’m stuck in a rut!

Have you ever found yourself living a life of routine? You basically do the same thing every day. Wake up at the same time, do the same morning routine eat the same breakfast, same thing at work, hang out with same friends and go to the same places. After a while you lose all desire to change things up and even try to spice things up. This was the story of my life. My days became predictable and boring but I had a solid routine for each day that it would seem crazy to break it, if my life were turned into a reality show my audience would be bored to tears. But is there a down side to living this kind of life? Well. I’m going to let you decide. I’ve put together a little pros and cons list of living a routine life.
 You become organized. You have everything planned out, and you have worked with the plan for so long that you become a master.
 You become comfortable. Living a life of routine offers you the comfort of consistency.
 Doing same thing every day gets boring. You begin to just sail through life. You live out the script you’ve written every day and it gets old.
 You kill your creativity. Creativity is led by experience. The interactions we experience, the things we see, the news we hear, creativity is fueled by our life experience and our interpretation of the experience. With a routine life your experiences are usually the same
 You miss out on living your best life, life should be an adventure. You should explore new things and live with excitement eat new foods travel to new places try a new hairstyle, surprise you spouse with a new thrilling adventure etc
 You miss out opportunities, grabbing opportunities usually involves stepping out of your zone and trying something new or something old in a new way.
 You loose touch of reality. Living a one dimensional life can play tricks on your mind with time. You begin to think differently because you are confined to the walls you have built up around your life.
All im saying is live your life to the fullest , do something insanely crazy. Use every potential that each day offers. Do not allow your routine become a cage that keeps you from living Gods best for you.


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