Screen with claws

Screen with Claws? Really I have no idea what that means but this is what came to my mind when I took my pen. We wish to wear high brands,but feel most comfortable in pyjamas. We wish to sit in expensive places with elite poeple,but enjoy roadside vendor food with friends…we have 64gb Ipods filled with songs but sometimes a song on a radio brings beautiful smiles. That’s the Irony of life….but what do u call this? Airports have seen more affectionate kisses than wedding halls, the walls of hospitals have heard more sincere prayers than the walls of temples and churches….Pizza….always confuses comes in a square box, when u open it,its round and when u start eating it, its triangle…The Irony of What? Life? For me life and people are also like the pizza, look different, appear different, and behave absolutely different.


Change doesn’t start with Gen. Buhari.

Now that Gen. Buhari Muhammed has been declared the new president of Nigeria 2015_2019, he has vouched that “change. Has come and a new day and a new Nigeria is upon us, but let us take a re-think about the changes we as Nigerians want for the country. Do you think that Nigeria will just change like that in a twinkle of an eye? This our new president is not a miracle worker, have you ever thought that change starts with you? If only we do our part by not taking that bribe, stop eye service because you want a raise in your allowance,stop littering the streets, stop beating the traffic, how about having the required papers and a valid drivers license just to avoid embarrassment from the VIOs, avoid drinking and driving, all of these little rules if only we begin to abide by them thing will begin to turn around for our own good. Let us be law abiding and peaceful.