Are You Hooked on Drugs?

Suppose you’ve been smoking marijuana, using heroine, cocaine, weed or some other drug for sometime, but you’re positive you can give it up anytime. And you’re pretty sure you are not addicted. But are you really certain?

Loss of control and denial are the two signs of being hooked on alcohol and other drugs. Denial is when you’re being dishonest with yourself about what you’re doing. Loss of control means you keep doing it despite problems like getting sick, failing in school, losing friends etc.

If you can’t wait for school to close, if you use it in the mornings, then you’ve got a serious problem. In short if you’re preoccupied with it, you’re in trouble.

Another danger sign is when all the things that have been important to you in the past – school, parents, friends, church – no longer matter.

Here are more clues that should warn you that you’re hooked or well on your way:

  • You find your moods and attitudes change quickly. You loose your temper suddenly, often without reason.
  • You start to cut classes and stop doing your homework; your grades begin to slip.
  • You fight with family members or friends when they try to talk to you about drugs.
  • You start to borrow or steal money from friends or family to buy drugs.
  • You become secretive about where you go and hide your activities from people you’ve always trusted before.
  • Your appearance gets sloppy because you just don’t care how you look anymore.
  • You experience physical symptoms from drug use – weight loss, tiredness, red eyes, etc.

If you show any of these signs or know someone who does, then you need to get help for yourself or the persondrugDriving_2612056b


One thought on “Are You Hooked on Drugs?

  1. i pray for every smoker that will read this article to understand and follow the truth with peace and love from inside@@@@@¡as it’s reading quite,just try and quite

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