My love letter to RIDA…

……So I have been battling with keeping my figure 8 and also working on having a flat stomach, I have tried all sorts of drink this….drink that, I tried doing sit ups when I wake up but I find myself doing it every once in three months…lol I know there are so many of us out there that are lazy to work out or always have something that occupies the only time we have to work out…so I was at Jabi park on Saturday and I met a guy who looked really fit and when I asked he’s secret to keeping fit he said DANCING! And in my mind I’m like seriously? But then again on second thought, not because he is just a choreographer but he is consistent, I figured out that he has an academy YIPEE!! I was so excited when he told me about it and u know what in this guys goody bag there a lots and lots like: dance training, fitness and weight loss section (that I really need), performances and so much more…for more info:


Phone no:08138920460

Bbm pin: 564ba2e9

Follow RIDA on IG and twitter @rida015

Remember keeping fit builds your confidence and helps relieve naija people live healthy and live loveIMG-20150820-WA002


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