The first time….

Have you ever had a bad day? A very bad day where things are not working right and you are at the very edge of losing your temper, or in fact you have lost it. Have you ever had an ugly day? A day where you do not look your finest no matter how hard you try? Then imagine somebody meeting you on such a day with the mentality of first impression. Is that really an impression of how you usually are everyday? Take for instance you met a manner less character on his good day and everything goes on well, does it mean that character is nice?. Well having interviewed several people, it was noted that though our first impression does not tell the whole story about us, it tells a bit of us. Our first impression on people tells them that the particular character been exhibited is embedded in us. Take for instance you just read a chapter of a whole book, you do not judge the whole book to be interesting or not by that chapter but by reading the whole book. The first impression of people should not be our long term opinion of them; it should only guide our assessment of their characters towards further knowledge of who they were, who they really are and who they can be. Imbibing the idea of first impression limits our vision of seeing a larger picture of an individual’s character to the surface. Hence, this may lead to great surprises when those individuals’ starts exhibiting characters contrary to those you saw at first sight. You actually never get a second chance to make a first impression.

first imp


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